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Mandala Domes invites you to explore our new line of Geodesic Yurts!

We are now accepting deposits on your new Geodesic Yurt!

What is a Geo Yurt?

Geodesic Yurts (or Geo Yurts) are a unique take on Buckminster Fuller's vision for the geodesic dome.  Geo Yurts combine the strength, efficiency and economy of geodesic domes with the warmth and versatility of traditional yurts. They are easy to put on a remote piece of mountain property or in your back yard.


We are Ramping up Production!

Help Mandala Domes reach our pre-sales goal by reserving your Geo Yurt for delivery in Spring of 2022. Make a deposit today!

(Pre-sales customers will be eligible for special discounts when our add-ons and options come online.)
We have reached
of our Pre-Sales goal

Order a Geo Yurt From mandala Domes

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    Pick your size, colors and finishes

  • single-wht

    Sturdy Steel Frame

  • single-wht

    Waterproof Vinyl Cover

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    Deck Plans Included


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    On-site assembly and installation available

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    composting toilet available

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    drinking water tank available

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    heat and electricity options available

Geo Yurt Options

We have three sizes available for pre-sale. Each has the unique features that separate Mandala Domes Geo Yurts from regular yurts or geodesic domes: Innovative structure, venting skylights and real wood doors.

These base models come with all you need to assemble and install your Geo Yurt on a flat surface. Deck plans are also included to allow you to cut and build your own deck. Pre-cut wooden deck kits are also available for an extra cost. Contact us to arrange in-person assembly and installation service with our friendly crew for an extra charge.

Additional features like wood stoves, drinking water tanks, composting toilets and additional windows and skylights will also be available once we have reached our pre-sales goals and we move into full production.

Special Features

What differentiates our Geo Yurts from traditional yurts or geodesic domes? Specially designed features like venting skylights and real wood doors. Additional options will come online in Spring 2022 like wood stoves and composting toilets. Click below to see all of the add-ons we plan to make available!