Our Origins

​Building on the short history of Buckminister Fuller's visionary geodesic domes, Mandala Domes is inspired to express the beautiful geometry of these structures through colorscapes and designs. 

Mandalas have existed for thousands of years, and have been used to create sacred space and focus one's attention on spiritual goals.   Mandalas provide a respresentation of the cosmos, metaphysically and symbolically, through which we can experience our sense of connection to the kaleidoscopic universe.

Mandala Domes bridges the ancient aesthetic and spiritual nature of the Mandala with the integrity and utility of modern geodesic structures.  Teaching workshops, playing music, and camping out are all made memorable under the shelter of the Mandala.

Mandala Domes rents geodesic structures for all kinds of events.  We have a variety of sizes and styles on hand, ready to liven up your celebration.  Contact us for more details concerning your event.